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Scholarships & Internships

Please do not forget to file your FAFSA every academic year. This is very important because depending on your specific situation you might be able to receive certain aid you never knew was applicable to you. Remember the FAFSA application determines how much financial aid a student is eligible to receive from the government based on need.



There are two types of scholarship and grants:

  • Need-based financial aid

  • Merit scholarships


Need-based financial aid is awarded strictly based upon your financial need. An essential step in the application process for need-based aid is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Merit scholarships are typically awarded to students based on their academic, athletic, or artistic ability. Merit scholarships are also awarded to students who are connected with a particular group or organization such as a church or civic group.


Because many merit scholarships also require applicants to complete FAFSA, we recommend you begin your application process by completing the important first step of filing a FAFSA.


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