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The Sable Source is a website created by two black undergraduate students who were first year roommates and attend New York University. This website serves as an online database for resources related to bridging the gap for Black, Latine, and Indigenous students worldwide. Since these students of color are often denied a plethora of resources, The Sable Source aspires to provide them with as much useful information as possible that cover a wide range of subjects.

“Sable” as an adjective describes a dark brown or black color. We chose this word to represent both ourselves as well as other students of color who are often marginalized in conversations about racial injustice.

Sable (adj.)—having a dark brown or black color

Meet Tracey

Tracey is a 20-year old sophomore attending New York University, where she majors in Global Public Health with Sociology on the Pre-Health track. Though she was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, her family is from Jamaica and the Ivory Coast. Tracey is very passionate about helping her community through the sharing of educational resources. She aspires to be a Pediatrician or a Broadcast Journalist in her the future. You can follow Tracey on Instagram, @tracefab.

Our Mission

Meet Destinee

Destinee is a 20-year-old sophomore attending New York University, where she majors in English and Literary Analysis. Though she was born and raised in Miami, her family is originally from Trinidad and Tobago, and she is very attached to her cultural heritage. As an English major, the primary focus of her studies is on postcolonial literature of the African diaspora. Destinee is deeply invested in uplifting communities of color through education and creating dialogues. She hopes to pursue a career in either academia or law. You can follow Destinee on Instagram, @densiteee.

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